Elise Trattner Photography


Photo by Greg Balkin

Photo by Greg Balkin

The Basics: Hi, I'm Elise - a wedding and portrait photographer based in Seattle. I'm so grateful you found your way here! 

The Backstory: Before I loved photography, I loved words. I studied creative writing (and am a forever fan of wordplay, wit and well-told stories), but believe that natural, candid photography is the ultimate storytelling device – no words necessary. 

The Fun Stuff: In addition to photography, I love bear hugs, braids, church, oranges, lists, sleeping in tents, canning, compelling ad campaigns, and the ocean. I also like my husband - he's a nice guy and should make the list. 

The Next Step: To book a session, inquire about a date or set up a time to chat about the "fun stuff" above, please contact me.